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Kenneth Schwartz kenschwartz at
Wed Jun 19 18:03:56 EDT 2002

I have my first PHP site up in production right now (I've developed ColdFusion for years and recently jumped on the PHP bandwagon) and I've got a funny problem I'm wondering if anyone out there can assist me with.

The main client tested all of my scripts when they were in beta and everything was fine.  He was using his home box at the time.  Now that we went to production and he is using his work machine, the script is erroring out.  I'm not having any problems when I hit the production site, none of my colleagues are, and we've checked it out with numerous friends who can all use the page successfully across a wide variety of browsers and platforms.

This client appears to be the only one using IE 6.0.  Any potential problems there or anyone have an idea of what I should pursue?  His security settings are all apparently nornal.

Kenneth Schwartz

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