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I don't necessarily think this product is amazing, but I think saying
that code obfuscation isn't needed because "it isn't open source
friendly" is a bold statement.  Some of us develop commercial
redistributable software that needs obfuscation to protect the code.  It
is also a valuable tool for certain contracting circumstances.  I do
feel that the zend encoder is the best obfuscator on the market, but
then again I'm jaded since I know zeev and support his company.

-- Kyle

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uh, php runs on the server side. It never gets off of the server
because that's pointless.

Just who are we shielding the code from exactly? 

- Ourselves? Get real.
- The "competition"? It entirely defeats the purpose and spirit of
open source. 
- "Crackers?" They just stress test your back-up and recovery

Use CVS or SourceSafe or some other file versioning system and put
checked-out copies of the the files in a tree under a shared
directory or under the various home directories.

This abomination entirely defeats the purpose and spirit of open
source. I say ignore it. If you're really in a snit, boycott it.

Its a __bad__ idea. ON par with charging for your OS.


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> There's been some talk lately of source protection.  This package
> very nice after a quick glance.
>> From: "ade_inovica" <mrwowza at>
>> Hi there
>> We're just about ready to release an application called
phpguardian -
>> an application which will protect php source code.  We are really 
>> keen to get some people to try it, so if anyone is interested, 
>> please visit and go to the download link
>> All the best to everyone!
>> Ade
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