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Petr Pomorov petr at
Fri Jun 21 22:42:48 EDT 2002

This would probably be a good time to name this thread a flame and end it :)
However, the voice of Free Software Advocates has not been heard, so allow me 
Frankly, the United Nations making a release of an upcoming drinking water 
shortage in the whole world was a final nail into the closed source advocates 
Why? Because there are multiple and effective technologies out there 
to solve the problems of pollution, ineffective technology, etc, that are 
hidden from the public by intellectual property owners.
It's a well proven fact- i'm sure you're aware of the multiple plots to 
prevent the creation of an alternative combustion engine as an example .
just google "combustion engine conspiracy"

Just like there are multiple excellent drugs available out there that are not 
being tested, and the formulas for which will never be published.
Why? Because it's not in the best interestes of those proud intellectual 
rights holders. 
Individualism is one thing, but getting humanity on the brinks of extinction 
while making 1% of the Globe's population ridiculously rich  is another. 
I run my  web development business entirely based on Free Software (with 
chunks of Open Source thrown in) and publish my own bits of code under the 
GNU license (poorly done as they are). I make money providing the -service-, 
not the code.
There are many fine articles out there proving my point- that making code 
proprietary is not the best business model, and in fact prevents you from 
making money. as one example

And if all human knowledge were shared the same way, we would be riding
cars running on hydrogen , global hunger would be eliminated, and there would
be no illiteracy and....
But hey, we'll all get the gist of my point- that OPEN knowledge and 
technology is the only solution to human problems and that sharing it is the 
best thing to do- in 30 years max.  That's when it will finaly and totally 
hit the fan.

To me, freedom is more important than making a buck. But , i manage to earn 
my living thanks to Free Software. 

Case closed?

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