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Ted Shieh liquidm3 at
Sat Jun 22 18:25:57 EDT 2002

I'm always delighted when other people choose to open-source their code, 
though I wouldn't want to force them to do so anymore than I myself would 
want to be forced to open-source my code.

I would be interested in seeing what open source code has been released by 
our most ardent open source fans, who seem to be, apparently,
charles at, louie at, and Petr Pomorov.  
Personally, I think that open source is a great thing, but code protection 
can useful in some situations (particularly those in which a product, rather 
than service, is being sold) to ensure that the programmer is properly 
compensated for his/her efforts.

My main contribution to open source so far has been phpSQLGen, which is now 
at version 0.2.  This version includes a class called TableMaker which uses 
PEAR's HTML_Table class to display data from either an ADOdb result set or 
an array.  Also new in this version: I've packaged the SQL generation 
functions in a SQLGen class.  You can read more about it at or

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