[nycphp-talk] Changes at New York PHP

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Tue Apr 1 14:32:32 EST 2003

So.... Windows as your O/S, IIS, MySql and PHP would be ....


NYASP.... hmmmm....

N(ow) Y(ou're) A(ctually) S(uppose) to P(rogram)?

And Linux with IIS and Sql Server and PHP would be ...

Sorry... long day here in our Nation's Capitol....  Where everyday is April
Fool's day!

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Can I suggest dropping the LAMP and AMP acronyms altogether?  It should now
be WISA for Windows, IIS, Sql Server, ASP.

You may have problems when the group needs to change it's name to NYASP
since this domain is already taken by some school pshycologists.  Probabl=
don't want to negotiate with them for the name either, they might think o=
transition is crazy.


P.S.  Did any of you catch the latest Gateway commercial on TV where they
mention PHP?

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