[nycphp-talk] phpinfo

Chris Snyder chris at
Tue Apr 1 14:42:04 EST 2003

I might take a moment to point out just how many of us never read the 
source, but rely on someone else to find our easter eggs.
Thanks Carlos!

(And thanks to all the people who have tracked down and fixed all the 
unintentional surprises, as well!)

Carlos Hoyos wrote:

>another reason why I love php:
>Seeing a dog on the top of my phpinfo page gave me the chills for a sec,
>before realizing it's April's fools ;)
>Anyway, just wanted to be sure this was just a harmless easter egg:
>A closer look at /ext/standard/info.c...
>if ((ta->tm_mon==3) && (ta->tm_mday==1)) {
>   PUTS("?="PHP_EGG_LOGO_GUID"\\" alt=\\"Thies!\\" /></a>");
>} else {
>   PUTS("?="PHP_LOGO_GUID"\\" alt=\\"PHP Logo\\" /></a>");
>Once again, another reason why I love php and open source... and another
>moment to wonder how much crap there's behind windows that we can't see  ;)

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