math library

Carlos Hoyos cahoyos at
Wed Apr 2 11:18:03 EST 2003

I just started reading this article:

and the first sentence caught my eye
"In contrast with other open source languages like Perl and Python, PHP
lacks a robust community effort to develop a math library."

Anyway, php has some math functions built in the standard module (and also
bcmath)... but I don't recall any advanced math libraries (lineal algebra,
statistics, series, complex numbers).

I am originally a mathematician with good experience in algorithms, and
would be interested in building (or at least sizing the possibility of) an
advanced math module for php. Could this be worth it for PHP ?

If anybody is aware of any work being conducted in that direction, is
interested in discussing this a bit more, has any suggestions of other
contacts in that area, please reply or contact me directly



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