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Thu Apr 10 18:20:03 EDT 2003

since it has my name on the subject, I might as well answer it ;)

I haven't had much exposure to RTML, but as tech lead on a store migration
from Yahoo, I played around with this code.
I know RTML was developed by a small group of folks who didn't quite
document it... my impression is that it's a holdover from the 'good old
days' and that they don't know how to get rid of it. (yeahh, I know, I'm
also thinking they should replace it with php).

Resources: I remember downloading an ebook ("RTML for Yahoo! Store") which
was useless, think I lost the file, but if I find it I'll send it to you.
I am not aware of any compiler or local environment to do local

I also remember that I felt the same frustration, since being not
documented, an industry of "specialized firms" that make yahoo stores, and
they are not releasing any documentation or knowledge that they might have.

It's still hard to believe why yahoo decided on a proprietary language,
instead of some open standard... well, maybe they learned the lesson and
that's why they are going for php now...


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Yes, you are right. but have to know it if I want the store be
more like a website. Did you try to build a template? Is there a
way I can edit it in local machine? what is the file 's
extension? Can I just use IE or netscape to run it?

thanks for your help!


--- Carlos A Hoyos <cahoyos at> wrote:
> You might be speaking about the "yahoo store" proprietary
> language.
> They claim it's a "real programming language", but the only
> time I had to
> deal with it I found it quite hard to work with...
> Language overview:
> Carlos

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