[nycphp-talk] fsockopen and SSL (was POST via PHP)

Hans Zaunere hans at
Sun Aug 3 10:56:43 EDT 2003

Christopher Hendry wrote:

> ok, so my POST needs to go to a secure server, and although fsockopen has
> SSL support in PHP 4.3.0+, I have to make this happen in a couple of hosted
> environments which are all 4.2.* ...
> Before I go and mess about with cURL (which seems a bit hefty) or - dare I
> say it - use perl, does anyone have any suggestions for using fsockopen or
> another option which would use PHP to send POST data to a secure server?

I'd go with curl, especially if you're stuck with an oldish version of PHP.  Perl isn't going to gain you anything and curl is better suited for this type of thing anyway.


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