[nycphp-talk] Seeking Basic PHP IM/Threaded Msg Bd Suggestion

pswebcode, nyc psaw at
Mon Aug 4 07:42:15 EDT 2003

Good Day:

I'm looking for suggestions. I want to give a client:
1) ability to have online IM/chat-style meetings
2) ability to create/post a topic and have associates make suggestions and

Optionally, ability to print history of an IM exchange and/or threaded

Should be opensource PHP/MySQL project. Flash okay too.

I'm sifting through the collaborative, whiteboard, shout, chat, threaded
message projects out there. Most have way too many bells and whistles like
avatars, private rooms, blacklists... 

I'm seeking a basic project for use on controlled, private, business level.

Warmest regards,

Peter Sawczynec, Technology Director
PSWebcode -- Web Development and 
Site Architecture
psaw at

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