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Jon Baer jonbaer at
Wed Aug 6 13:23:24 EDT 2003

ok what would be extremely cool is to make ptips integrated *with* a mailing
list.  i attempted this a long time ago w/ alicemail in which ud setup
something like dummy at and have it attempt to help out a user by
attaching urls/info @ the bottom of emails/responses (in terms of faqs).
the hardest part about it i found is visible in ur tests (the
signatures/keys/urls which pertain to nothing in the topic).

does "x"ing a link out remove it from all pertaining links?

very cool hans.

- jon

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> Good morning,
> Over the last couple of days I've been playing with trying to provide some
search capabilities to the mailing lists, noteably Talk.  Day after day
valuable information and URLs are passed around and, for the most part, lost
into history.
> I tried a couple of things, not finishing any of them, until I finally
took the easy way out.  Warning: These are all very rough :)
> -- scrapes URLs from each NYPHP-Talk message
and throws it into a table.  There's of course many improvements that could
be made, but it's kind of interesting to see the links people have referred
to in the past.  Also, clicking the X will deactive that link (for instance,
if you find a or in the listing).
> -- is a full text index of all
NYPHP-Talk's mail message.  Yes, it's very rough (I forgot to include the
subject of the message in the result listing) but it has potential.
> -- is the easy way out.  It's your basic
google search of our entire site, including the mailing list archives.  The
only drawback is it's not very current.  The searches are always right on
(afterall, it's google) but you'll probably have to wait a few weeks to see
things get updated.  That said, I made it the primary means for searching
our sites, until we get something better online.
> So I just thought I'd throw these out there and I'm happy to hear any
feedback as to what improvements could be made, what features/functionality
people would find useful, etc.
> Thanks,
> H
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