[nycphp-talk] Ready, Set, Google!

Hans Zaunere hans at
Wed Aug 6 13:03:04 EDT 2003

Jon Baer wrote:

> ok what would be extremely cool is to make ptips integrated *with* a mailing
> list.  i attempted this a long time ago w/ alicemail in which ud setup
> something like dummy at and have it attempt to help out a user by
> attaching urls/info @ the bottom of emails/responses (in terms of faqs).
> the hardest part about it i found is visible in ur tests (the
> signatures/keys/urls which pertain to nothing in the topic).

There's a couple of things along these lines I've been kicking around, including what you mention above.  Without trying to write an AI engine, I suppose you could just search for keywords against some type of fulltext/keyword database.

My ineveitable goal is to have a phpTips database, thus the name /ptips/ in my original post. has something similar, but it could use some improvement.  It basically works by placing tags in your messages when you see something useful, or write something useful yourself; or a combination.  For example:

<ptip subject="removing links" keywords="links remove mysql ptips">

> does "x"ing a link out remove it from all pertaining links?

Yeah, the link won't show up, but it won't remove the whole message (ie, if a message has more than one link).


Something like that.  Then there'd be a full text searchable DB of all these things, which would also link back to the original message.  It wouldn't be very hard to write, and I'd be happy to do it; if people promise to use it   :)


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