[nycphp-talk] OT: Javascript question

Webapprentice webapprentice at
Sat Aug 9 00:42:55 EDT 2003

Could somebody tell me where I can ask this question and get some answers?

I have inherited a small Javascript app that stores pagination 
(next/previous pagination) data via cookies.  The parent window sets 2 
cookies and then opens another window.  The child window is supposed to 
read the cookies to get the default pagination.

//Parent page snippet

var newWindow = '';"newPage.html");

newWindow.opener = self;
newWindow.document.cookies = "start=ss";
newWindow.document.cookies = "end=ss";


//Child page snippet:

var ck = document.cookie;

var pos = ck.indexOf("start=");

// etc.

The strange thing is that this works in IE6, but not in NS7.
When I check NS7 and check the cookies in the preferences, the start and 
end cookies are there.

The length of document.cookies is much shorter in NS7 than in IE6.  When 
I print what is in document.cookies, IE6 shows me the 2 cookies, while 
NS7 does not.

How do I make these cookies work in IE5, IE6, NS6, and NS7?

Thank you,

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