[nycphp-talk] libxml in PHP 5

Analysis & Solutions danielc at
Mon Aug 11 13:49:19 EDT 2003

Hey Folks:

I'm starting to use PHP 5 on my development machine.  The primary XML
parser is changing from expat to libxml.  I was curious about the change,
so sought documentation of the new libxml stuff on the PHP site but
haven't been able to find any.

I know there are folks on this list involved with PHP 5's development.  
Perhaps someone can steer me toward such documentation and/or answer a

I was thinking that the new XML parser would necessitate scripts use
different function calls.  Or will the main functions and behavior remain
the same, but only the library be changed?

If the functions will indeed be different, is there some place to find
docs about these new procedures?  They don't have to be great, just give
me an idea of how to start hacking something simple.



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