[nycphp-talk] Database code solutions

Ophir Prusak oprusak at
Tue Aug 12 16:44:08 EDT 2003

Hi All,

Executive summary:
I'm wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for a solution to
creating database related code.

I'm currently writing some code for a project and I realize that %80 of my
time is spent on database related code.
This is bad. At the end of the day, manipulation of data in a database is
the same more or less for any project. It comes down to "CRUD" (Creation,
Reading, Updating, Deleting). There must be a better way.

I'm looking for something that will reduce my development time on database
related code.
I know there are several packages, classes, etc that will help with this,
but I don't have time to research all the possibilities and was hoping to
hear from nyphp members their experiences and recommendations (or
I'm looking for any solution, commercial or open source.

I looked into phplens which seems to be in the direction of what I'm looking
We're already using smarty so that's an added plus.


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