[nycphp-talk] Database code solutions

Ophir Prusak oprusak at
Wed Aug 13 13:18:20 EDT 2003

I checked our your class and the ezsql class as well.
These are great classes and definitely big helpers but I already have code
that takes care of much of this "low level plumbing".

phplens gives you a web based interface that actually creates the php
necessary for the forms themselves.
It looks like I'll need to play around with it myself and I'll post a


> Ophir wrote two messages back...
> >
> > and not spend so much time creating the "plumbing" for basic database
> > operations such as create a new row, edit a row, read a row or delete a
> These operations are handled by simple queries.  There's no way around
> programming that... until artificial intelligence, I guess.

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