[nycphp-talk] 2 hour EMERGENCY HELP!

Chris Snyder csnyder at
Mon Aug 18 13:42:48 EDT 2003

Try to rewrite it using absolute paths rather than relative, then check 
and recheck directory permissions. If PHP is moving a file somewhere, 
the target directory must be writeable by "nobody" or whomever the 
webserver runs as.

Whenever I need to do that kind of thing I set the group ownership of 
the target directory to nobody, then chmod 770. I figure it's a shade 
better than world-writeable, but not much.

Lately I've been trying to move files around with FTP instead so that 
they have the proper ownership, but that's a whole other ball of wax.


Phil Powell wrote:

>Suggestions are helpful, I've run out.

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