[nycphp-talk] form posts, back button, IE page expired

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Mon Aug 18 18:26:42 EDT 2003

--- Wellington Fan <wfan at> wrote:
> Please provide constructive criticism or comments about this!

I thought you gave a nice explanation of the "redirect to another page" method
that was mentioned. It was one of the two methods brought up.

The only flaw that stood out to me was this:

> header('Location: landingpage.php');

While this actually works on most browsers, a Location header is supposed to
provide an absolute URL, not a relative one.

The only reason caching is worth mentioning as well is that it might possibly
be easier to implement, depending on how much of the application's architecture
is already developed. I don't think there is a clearly better method in terms
of doing the Right Thing, so it's good to point out all options (which is why I
enjoy the way mailing lists typically answer a question several times in as
many different ways).


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