[nycphp-talk] form posts, back button, IE page expired

Wellington Fan wfan at
Mon Aug 18 18:59:55 EDT 2003

Chris & List,

Thanks for the comments! Only after I posted did I notice that you had
mentioned the 'intermediate' page method earlier. Anyway, the list has an
elaboration on that.

> The only flaw that stood out to me was this:
> > header('Location: landingpage.php');
> While this actually works on most browsers, a Location header is supposed to
> provide an absolute URL, not a relative one.

Again, thanks! Its always a good idea to go back to the sources and read up on
the HTTP spec once in a while... BTW, on this point, I have almost always
passed in full URLs because browsers sometimes render the URL of the
intermediate page if you don't. Another reason to read, understand & implement
according to spec...

> The only reason caching is worth mentioning as well is that it

Yes! Caching is VERY important and I suggest everyone reads or something like it to understand the
different kinds of caching, implementation strangeness & strategies for
getting the results you want.


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