[nycphp-talk] msession [was Cookies as session database...]

George Webb gw.nyphp at
Mon Aug 18 21:12:30 EDT 2003

> > I would really like to make HTTP cookies do the work that we normally
> > impose on central databases, because then we can scale a server cluster
> > linearly, simply by adding more hardware.
> There are many creative ideas out there for addressing this problem. You could
> use different hostnames much like you mentioned using different cookies paths.
> You could implement a more intelligent "sticky sessions" mechanism. Another
> option might be to look into using msession, since it allows you to use
> sessions in a cluster without a central database. In the end, whatever you're
> most comfortable with is probably going to be what gets the job done.

	msession is a very interesting idea.

	Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with msession?  

	Chris, thanks for the other great suggestions too; I will
continue to ponder them....

Regards, George.

George Webb
gw.nyphp at

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