[nycphp-talk] form posts, back button, IE page expired

Mauricio Sadicoff mlevy at
Tue Aug 19 18:58:48 EDT 2003

On 8/18/2003 18:59, "Wellington Fan" <wfan at> scribbled:

>> The only flaw that stood out to me was this:
>>> header('Location: landingpage.php');
>> While this actually works on most browsers, a Location header is supposed to
>> provide an absolute URL, not a relative one.
> Again, thanks! Its always a good idea to go back to the sources and read up on
> the HTTP spec once in a while... BTW, on this point, I have almost always
> passed in full URLs because browsers sometimes render the URL of the
> intermediate page if you don't. Another reason to read, understand & implement
> according to spec...


I find this discussion very interesting, since redirecting is a subject that
comes up in just about every project I can remember. Also, I think I can
finally contribute my $0.02 to the list...

I'd like to point out that is usually safe practice to put an exit; line
after the header/Location call. I have been baffled by weird results more
than once, usually because something was echoed after the header call.

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