[nycphp-talk] form posts, back button, IE page expired

Brian Pang bpang at
Tue Aug 19 22:46:28 EDT 2003

I'm going to have to do as you suggest and hack away at this.

While it solved my back button issue, setting it to 'private' completely
screwed up everything with the site having to do with cookies and
sessions, at least in IE on a PC. For now I've removed it while I work
it out.

As I've thought about it and what changing the session_cache_limiter is
doing, it makes sense that it would have these sort of repercussions.
Maybe it's my approach, I'm not sure yet.

My theory is revolving around the page being cached (which seemingly
allowed for using the back button to a POST result page) and thus not
redisplaying with new information contained in cookies/sessions when
that page is reloaded.

I know that sounds confusing... I will investigate and provide a report
of some sort.

The header("Location: ") approach does seem interesting.. I need to
re-read the thread, but what, if any, cross browser/platform issues with
this are there?

sigh... all this and my connection is super slow because "Verizon's
DSLAMs are still struggling with the msblast virus load" (so sayeth my ISP)

> Hi Brian:
> On Mon, Aug 18, 2003 at 04:29:58PM -0400, Brian Pang wrote:
> >
> > session_cache_limiter()
> > 
> > which setting do you recommend.. it looks like, from comments, to use
> > 'private' or are you suggesting 'none' ?
> Depends on the behavior you want.  I'd guess as long as it's not 
> "nocache," you'll be fine.  Do some hacking and let us know what works
> you.
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