[nycphp-talk] compiling php with an external module?

Rolan rolan at
Wed Aug 20 15:25:29 EDT 2003

sad to say, I think the pear module is only 1/2 the picture
in the source of the php modules, it says that php needs
to be compiled with cybercash support. I've tried different
combinations in attempt to compile the cybercash libaries
into php and none of them have succeeded. Google
searches for php and cybercash only lead to more
pleas from people begging for advice on how to compile it.

Cybercash had provided pre-compiled binaries with their
package "mck-3.3.1-i586-pc-linux-gnulibc2"

The old way with php was to simply ./configure 
but when I do that now... the results of the config show nothing.
It doesn't even try to detect it.


Analysis & Solutions wrote:

>Hi Rolan:
>On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 12:03:35PM -0400, Rolan wrote:
>>I also did a "pear install cybercash-1.18p1.tgz"
>>The pear installer responded with "success" but the cybercash
>>module will still not compile into binary.
>You don't need to compile items in PEAR.  In your scripts, just include
>the relevant PEAR file and start using the package's methods.

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