[nycphp-talk] compiling php with an external module?

Hans Zaunere hans at
Wed Aug 20 16:37:35 EDT 2003

Rolan wrote:

> sad to say, I think the pear module is only 1/2 the picture
> in the source of the php modules, it says that php needs
> to be compiled with cybercash support. I've tried different
> combinations in attempt to compile the cybercash libaries
> into php and none of them have succeeded. Google
> searches for php and cybercash only lead to more
> pleas from people begging for advice on how to compile it.
> Cybercash had provided pre-compiled binaries with their
> package "mck-3.3.1-i586-pc-linux-gnulibc2"
> The old way with php was to simply ./configure 
> --with-cybercash=../mck-3.3.1-i586-pc-linux-gnulibc2
> but when I do that now... the results of the config show nothing.
> It doesn't even try to detect it.

I think some of the stuff is outdated, as is the docs for PECL/PEAR. has some good tips on getting modules to work in general, and I think there are some docs in PHP's CVS regarding these topics.


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