[nycphp-talk] Free hardware and Books

Hans Zaunere hans at
Wed Aug 20 17:26:50 EDT 2003

Hi all,

I have a stack of stuff that I'd like to give away.  It's not super-great, but it is totally free, and anything I'm left with I'll probably end up throwing away.  Some of the boxes, though, are especially good for those wanting to learn some Linux basics.  Contact me offlist and I'll be happy to meet you somewhere in Manhattan (east side would be best :) or at our meeting next week.  

------ Hardware

Creative Labs Sound Blaster 32 PNP  (ISA)

Adaptec SCSI AHA-1542C  (ISA)

Standard 3 1/2 Floppy Drive (may not work)

Maxtor MXT-1240S (SCSI with 5.25 brackets)

1 HP PS/2 Mouse

1 Microsoft PS/2 Mouse (with scroll wheel)

1 Microsoft PS/2 Mouse

Assortment of cables, connectors and bracket (oddball and common)

Acer CD-ROM CD-747E

Creative 52X CD-ROM CD5233E (may not work)

------ Books

Linux Configuration & Installation, Second Edition - MIS Press (1-55828-492-3)

Linux System Security - Prentice Hall (0-13-015807-0)

ODBC 2.0 Programmer's Reference and SDK Guide - Microsoft Press (1-55615-658-8)

Protecting Networks with SATAN - O'Reilly (1-56592-425-8)

Linux System Administration Handbook - Prentice Hall (0-13-680596-5)

Sair Linux and GNU Certification Level 1: Installation & Configuration - John Wiley & Sons (0-471-36978-0)

A Visual Introduction to SQL - John Wiley & Sons (0-471-61684-2)

Teach Yourself Visual C++ 5 in 21 Days, Fourth Edition - Sams Publishing (0-672-31014-7)

Visual C++ Programming - Brady (1-56686-048-2)

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