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On 8/21/2003 17:04, "Phil Powell" <soazine at> scribbled:

> it not true that mysql_error() will persist?  I have a case on a site
> where the admin enters a new user and, for some reason, does it wrong,
> producing a mysql_error() instance.  If they try to, again, enter this user
> immediately after the error is shown, mysql_select_db dies.
> I am thinking that this can be resolved by clearing mysql_error() immediately
> after the error is reported.  How can that be done, or am I way offbase here?

It does not "persist", meaning it will only show the latest error, according
to the manual, on page:

They also mention that it will not be changed if the user does not have
permission to do what you intend or if the connection has been closed

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