[nycphp-talk] PHP project from Hell Story

Aaron Fischer agfische at
Fri Aug 22 14:57:16 EDT 2003

1. You did, but you also said if he had Illustrator.  Maybe he is 
thinking he needs to buy Illustrator as well?

2.  Another option:
He can output them directly to html from Word.  Word creates the page 
and a folder to hold the images and an xml file.  If he FTP's the page 
and the folder to a directory it will work.  No renaming necessary.  I 
just did it, took me under a minute.

3. Of course, you could build him a form page that lets him type in 
some text and upload the image file and write the php which creates the 
html page upon submission...


On Friday, Aug 22, 2003, at 14:47 US/Eastern, Phil Powell wrote:

> I suggested it, that is what prompted his response.  He refuses to get 
> Acrobat and expects ME to do everything about it!
> Phil
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