[nycphp-talk] PHP project from Hell Story

Aaron Fischer agfische at
Fri Aug 22 15:11:59 EDT 2003


F&%$ him.  He's not worth your time.

I mean, what's the big difference in uploading ONE file vs. uploading 
ONE file and ONE folder?  It can be done in the same session on the 
same page.  Just have to brows on your computer for a file/folder TWICE 
instead of ONCE?!

He's really asking for the impossible as far as I can tell.  The only 
thing that creates a file with embedded images so it is all in one is 
Acrobat, as far as I know.  AND, if his users can work in Word, they 
can certainly print, and if they can print, they can change the little 
dialogue box from their printer to PDF distiller.


On Friday, Aug 22, 2003, at 15:04 US/Eastern, Phil Powell wrote:

> I suggested that too, Mauricio.  He refused to do so, it was "more 
> work than
> what I expect from an upload page".  He has, or rather HAD an upload 
> page
> (he deleted what I did now) that uploads the file, but he wanted it to
> upload only a SINGLE file, complete with images intact if need be.
> Phil

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