[nycphp-talk] PHP project from Hell Story

John Lacey jlacey at
Fri Aug 22 15:14:16 EDT 2003

for what it's worth (can you say free? :) 1.1 can export 
a pdf


Aaron Fischer wrote:

> WOW.
> F&%$ him.  He's not worth your time.
> I mean, what's the big difference in uploading ONE file vs. uploading 
> ONE file and ONE folder?  It can be done in the same session on the 
> same page.  Just have to brows on your computer for a file/folder 
> TWICE instead of ONCE?!
> He's really asking for the impossible as far as I can tell.  The only 
> thing that creates a file with embedded images so it is all in one is 
> Acrobat, as far as I know.  AND, if his users can work in Word, they 
> can certainly print, and if they can print, they can change the little 
> dialogue box from their printer to PDF distiller.
> -A
> On Friday, Aug 22, 2003, at 15:04 US/Eastern, Phil Powell wrote:
>> I suggested that too, Mauricio.  He refused to do so, it was "more 
>> work than
>> what I expect from an upload page".  He has, or rather HAD an upload 
>> page
>> (he deleted what I did now) that uploads the file, but he wanted it to
>> upload only a SINGLE file, complete with images intact if need be.
>> Phil
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