[nycphp-talk] PHP project from Hell Story

Mauricio Sadicoff mlevy at
Fri Aug 22 17:03:18 EDT 2003

On 8/22/2003 16:47, "Phil Powell" <soazine at> scribbled:

> Well at rentacoder they usually have fixed bid ceilings you have to adhere
> to, so were I to suggest a fairer price than $80 (- rentacoder fees comes to
> $68.00) it would not be acceptable by rentacoder themselves.
> Then again, I am being considered for two PHP projects, one for $1000 and
> the other for $3000! :) :)  And I have a 10/10 rating, thanx to our pal
> Laurence.

LOL... Good, then. Good luck!

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