[nycphp-talk] Macromedia Contribute ...

Aaron Fischer agfische at
Tue Aug 26 10:17:17 EDT 2003

I haven't used it yet but plan to install for a client that I am 
working with.  I had a walkthrough demo by a Macromedia developer at 
Macworld.  Seemed very nice, easy to use.  There were some cool 
features that I didn't know about like being able to make specific 
parts of certain pages editable and prevent the user from screwing up 
other parts.


On Monday, Aug 25, 2003, at 22:27 US/Eastern, Jon Baer wrote:

> im not a big fan of wysiwyg when it comes to editing web material 
> (since all
> of them see to !@#$ with ur stuff when writing file to disk) ... but 
> the app
> seems like a clean client to use on a dev server before publishing, is
> anyone else using it?

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