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Jon Baer jonbaer at
Tue Aug 26 11:17:59 EDT 2003

Yeah this is the BIG problem here ... basically people want high end
graphical CMS stuff but don't want to pay inhouse staff to develop, before
you welcome me to the real world, id like to point out a pretty big security
issue with Contribute ...

As someone pointed out they could not get Contribute to work with an ISP,
after researching some more around for dev notes it seems magic directories
are created with some pretty important info on the server, something which
should have been pointed out during installation but was not ... they make
assumptions ...

Im trying to check if there is a Nessus plugin for _contribute directories
but they should ask what ur setup is during installation before doing
anything (IIS vs. Apache) ...

- jon

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From: "Aaron Fischer" <agfische at>

> Pick your poison.  The solution is to hire high paid in house
> developers...  :-)

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