Mono & PHP

Sterling Hughes sterling at
Sun Feb 2 18:13:10 EST 2003

I spent a little time this weekend implementing an extension that allows
PHP to load .NET classes on the Unix environment - 100% open source, by
leveraging the mono library(*).  For more information, view the README
file in the distribution by downloading the file

Its PHP5 only, as that's what I've switched to for all new development.
Hi Ho.

$Console = new Mono('System.Console');
$Console->WriteLine('Hello World, PHP is .NET ready!');

- Sterling "No More Extensions Needed" Hughes

(*) Mono is much more than library, of course.  But it links to/uses the
mono library.

PS:  I'll be adding it into PECL in a little bit, I want to finish the
type proxying code.  I'd also like to add all of the object and method

PPS: If anyone has suggestions for a better way of doing type proxying
than what's described in the README, please let me know.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you,  
 then they fight you, then you win."  
    - Gandhi

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