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Maxim Maletsky maxim at
Sun Feb 2 20:02:04 EST 2003

I read the code, quite nice!

It's been a while I was thinking to integrate Ruby into PHP, which would
probably be a very very similar extension as this one. Are they going to get
into the official PHP distr or PECL?

Maxim Maletsky
maxim at

On 02 Feb 2003 18:13:10 -0500 Sterling Hughes <sterling at> wrote:

> I spent a little time this weekend implementing an extension that allows
> PHP to load .NET classes on the Unix environment - 100% open source, by
> leveraging the mono library(*).  For more information, view the README
> file in the distribution by downloading the file
> Its PHP5 only, as that's what I've switched to for all new development.
> Hi Ho.
> <?php
> $Console = new Mono('System.Console');
> $Console->WriteLine('Hello World, PHP is .NET ready!');
> ?>
> - Sterling "No More Extensions Needed" Hughes
> (*) Mono is much more than library, of course.  But it links to/uses the
> mono library.
> PS:  I'll be adding it into PECL in a little bit, I want to finish the
> type proxying code.  I'd also like to add all of the object and method
> caching.
> PPS: If anyone has suggestions for a better way of doing type proxying
> than what's described in the README, please let me know.
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