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First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction;this is by 
virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret.

I am the Legal advicer of the Contract Review Panel instituted by H. E. 
President Olusegun Obasanjo to probe/review all Contracts execute and payments 
made during the regime of late General Sani Abacha.  I have been mandated by my 
colleagues on the Panel to seek your assistance in the transfer of the sum of 
US$18.5 Million into your Bank Account.  As you may know, the late General 
Abacha and members of his government embezzled billions of dollars through 
spurious contracts and payments to foreigners between1993 to“ 1998 and this is 
now the subject of probe by my Panel. In the course of our review, we have 
discovered this sum of$18.5 Million, which the former dictator could not 
transfer from the dedicated account of the Central Bank of Nigeria before his 
sudden death in June 1998.  It is this amount that my Colleagues and I have 
decided to acquire for us through your assistance. This assistance becomes 
crucial because we cannot acquire the funds in our names and as government 
officials we are not allowed to own or operate foreign bank accounts.  We have 
thus develop a, fool proof, legal and totally risk free scheme through which the 
fund can be transferred to your nominated bank account within a very short time. 
The scheme is to use our position and influence on the Panel to represent you as 
a foreign Contractor beneficiary of the funds.  We shall arrange all 
documentation to support this claim and get Approval for the transfer of the 
funds for your benefit on our behalf.  The scheme is perfected to be 100% risk 
free and we are sure the funds can arrive your Account within 10-14 working days 
from when you agree to assist us.

You should acknowledge the receipt of my mail through the above e-mail address 
so we can further discuss the modalities of your cooperation and negotiate the 
charge for the usage of your Account. You definitely have a lot to benefit from 
this transaction as we are prepared to give you between 20% of the total funds 
as soon as you secure it in your account. Please, endeavor to send me an e-mail 
indicating your interest
as to enable me furnish you with my confidential telephone/fax number through 
which we can communicate with you in confidence (in your response) as the need 
for secrecy is great to this transaction.
We expect your urgent response.
Yours faithful

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