[nycphp-talk] PHP and MSIE 6.0

Chris Shiflett shiflett at
Mon Feb 3 18:06:55 EST 2003

--- betenoir at wrote:
> After testing fairly thoroughly we have discovered that
> IE6 is remarkably inconsistent in how it passes cookies
> and form data from page to page.

I'm not sure what inconsistencies you are speaking about,
but perhaps your observations are related to third-party
cookies from sites that are not P3P-compliant. I believe IE
requires (by default) P3P compliance from third-party sites
wishing to set a cookie.

Maybe that helps explain something.

> It is better at $_POST info but a long way from
> reliable. It is less reliable when it comes to cookies.

I am not sure what inconsistency you are noting with IE and
form variables, but I expect that you will ultimately
identify something in your code rather than in the browser.
If you can reproduce your problem in a very small script
that demonstrates the problem, we can probably help more.


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