[nycphp-talk] P3P and MSIE6 cookies

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Tue Feb 4 15:28:40 EST 2003

Hey Folks:

On Tue, Feb 04, 2003 at 03:10:32PM -0500, Chris Snyder wrote:
> I've just been bitten by an IE6 cookie problem: a customer has a Privacy 
> profile in his Internet Options that only allows cookies from sites with 
> a "compact privacy policy" based on P3P. Well, that's just peachy, but 
> it means they can't use my site until I create one or they change their 
> settings.

Which is exactly why it's best to design sites that don't rely on any 
client side programming.  Your site will always work regardless of what 
browser or preferences are used.  For more info on this, check out my 
diatribe at


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