[nycphp-talk] Form Action Help

George Webb gw.nyphp at
Wed Feb 5 15:25:05 EST 2003


	Just to clarify what Chris said, since maybe the overall procedure
is not obvious:

	The https/POST that goes to the PayPal server gets submitted by
your PHP script, not by the end-user.  So your script can keep private
whatever data it wants to.  

	So the form action will go like this:

	1/ User fills out your form and submits it to your server

	2/ Your PHP script reads the form input and validates
	it or whatever

	3/ Your PHP script submits a https/POST request to PayPal
	(or wherever)

	4/ Your PHP script gets a response from PayPal

	5/ Your PHP script parses the response and does appropriate

	6/ Your PHP script sends the resulting message back to the

	So the user will have no idea that steps 3-5 are going on,
even if they read the HTML source.

	Hope that wasn't obvious!

Best, George.

George Webb
gw.nyphp at

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