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Sean Smith ssmith at
Thu Feb 6 21:58:54 EST 2003

Question for Jon Baer.

I've been using php for a while now so I guess you could classify me as 
an advanced newbie. :-D

I found your statement, "It should be a written rule/law somewhere to do 
all your PHP/JSP work @ the top of the page", a little confusing. You 
also said that you work on smaller projects that are full of <?php's.

I don't see how you can't use those below the top of the page. I 
completely understand having form parsing and sql requests etc. at the 
top of the page, and I also use classes and user defined functions. But, 
if I recieve sql query results and populate the appropriate variables 
how else do you display the variable values in HTML other than using 
<?php echo $bar; ?> ?

Like I said, maybe I'm reading into this too much. But please explain. 
If there are other ways than the previous to display  PHP variables in 
HTML than let me know. Thank you.

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