[nycphp-talk] <script language="php"> PHP vs JHTML/Dynamo

Jon Baer jonbaer at
Thu Feb 6 22:04:54 EST 2003

> Now, that being said. It definitely wasn't perfect, and I can't
> honestly say that there weren't times when we just embedded java into
> the page. But I think that I personally would love to see a similar
> droplet system for templating through php. I've considered developing
> just such a tool myself. I think it would work very well for a low to
> medium trafficked site.

I didn't think it was perfect either but at least there was *some* sense of
MVC methodology going on.

I think in short my point was why you couldn't combine say {$var:do
something} type of functionality while inside a PHP page ... or make the
template the actually page which is being parsed ... I mean at least if you
were working on a JHTML page you had some sense of what was happening
because there were some rules defined within the droplet tags themselves vs.
(just in my experience) PHP which is in some cases all over the place.
Tracing down user defined functions can make your eyeballs pop out after a

To me the tagged based approach is sensible ... but then again of course
there are several solutions to any one small problem ...

- Jon

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