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Sterling Hughes sterling at
Thu Feb 6 22:22:13 EST 2003

On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 22:18, Jon Baer wrote:
> > Like I said, maybe I'm reading into this too much. But please explain.
> > If there are other ways than the previous to display  PHP variables in
> > HTML than let me know. Thank you.
> >
> Well you got my point ... the fact that you need to apply things like:
> <?= $foo["bar"] ?> is a little wierd when an engine like Smarty already
> exists, kinda wierd its not part of the language itself for doing DB work
> (any plans on this?).  Like I said probably just out of place since I came
> from using ATG Dynamo and the concept of droplets I thought was a good form
> factor for building web apps with good clean syntax.

Its not - using a templating engine on top of PHP itself is inane,
unless you have certain specialized cases.  Separating logic from
content is always good - but don't get overzealous, you can right your
backend logic *and* your frontend logic in PHP and still keep them


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