[nycphp-talk] <script language="php"> PHP vs JHTML/Dynamo

D C Krook dkrook at
Thu Feb 6 22:56:57 EST 2003

Eek. I came from a Dynamo background myself (luckily I've been clean for 2 
months now :P), and I found JHTML to be a mess.

As a tag-based language It's incredibly difficult to differentiate from HTML 
when you scan your code, even if you adopt a standard such as to capitalize 
it all and keep your logic outside of the page.  No editor I know of exists 
to help with syntax highlighting either.

In addition to all the white space it leaves behind in your source which can 
affect your TD cells, it also was incredibly difficult to integrate with 
JavaScript as the need arose (for example when you need to generate a loop 
of links to a popup window each with unique parameters.)

Of course there are ways around all of the problems above, but they are 
particularly troublesome when you're building organic applications with ever 
changing requirements on a tight deadline.


Like I said probably just out of place since I came
>from using ATG Dynamo and the concept of droplets I thought was a good form
>factor for building web apps with good clean syntax.

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