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Weston Houghton weslists at
Thu Feb 6 23:15:01 EST 2003

I have to disagree. While I don't love dynamo, I think that it worked  
very well for what we used it for, which was 2 VERY dynamic eCommerce  
sites. It take some intelligence in using, and some care, but it can  
very easily work with javascript, and we did so all of the time. Hell,  
we even integrated it with Flash (even though we disliked Flash). As  
for how it affected the html code and rendering via whitespace, yes if  
used carelessly it did introduce problems. The reality of that is that  
it is a browser issue though, the rendering engine should ignore  
whitespace. And to be honest, it was pretty easy to work around that  

In regards to syntax highlighting, what more do you need than an editor  
that can color HTML? That's how jhtml was built to be used. I like the  
droplet methodology, and I think it works very well for separating the  
backend logic from the frontend display code.

Now, that being said. It definitely wasn't perfect, and I can't  
honestly say that there weren't times when we just embedded java into  
the page. But I think that I personally would love to see a similar  
droplet system for templating through php. I've considered developing  
just such a tool myself. I think it would work very well for a low to  
medium trafficked site.

But that's only my $0.01.


On Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 10:57  PM, D C Krook wrote:

> Eek. I came from a Dynamo background myself (luckily I've been clean  
> for 2
> months now :P), and I found JHTML to be a mess.
> As a tag-based language It's incredibly difficult to differentiate  
> from HTML
> when you scan your code, even if you adopt a standard such as to  
> capitalize
> it all and keep your logic outside of the page.  No editor I know of  
> exists
> to help with syntax highlighting either.
> In addition to all the white space it leaves behind in your source  
> which can
> affect your TD cells, it also was incredibly difficult to integrate  
> with
> JavaScript as the need arose (for example when you need to generate a  
> loop
> of links to a popup window each with unique parameters.)
> Of course there are ways around all of the problems above, but they are
> particularly troublesome when you're building organic applications  
> with ever
> changing requirements on a tight deadline.
> -Dan
> Like I said probably just out of place since I came
>> from using ATG Dynamo and the concept of droplets I thought was a  
>> good form
>> factor for building web apps with good clean syntax.
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