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Ian Forsyth ian at
Fri Feb 7 12:13:52 EST 2003

Shouldn't there be a move towards xsl, xml, xslt type templating..

more options for media delivery...  all data gets outputted at xml, 
then the data gets transformed.. but if data is xml, its a lot easier 
to syndicate, and if your a store, its easier to have your products get 
sucked up into sites like, and you could also just release 
your products, and give people dealerids, something like what amazon 
does, then you have more exposure of your product..

Didn't websap make a soap class for amazon?

down with html templating systems.. march towards the future!


On Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 07:35  PM, Sterling Hughes wrote:

> On Thu, 2003-02-06 at 22:18, Jon Baer wrote:
>>> Like I said, maybe I'm reading into this too much. But please 
>>> explain.
>>> If there are other ways than the previous to display  PHP variables 
>>> in
>>> HTML than let me know. Thank you.
>> Well you got my point ... the fact that you need to apply things like:
>> <?= $foo["bar"] ?> is a little wierd when an engine like Smarty 
>> already
>> exists, kinda wierd its not part of the language itself for doing DB 
>> work
>> (any plans on this?).  Like I said probably just out of place since I 
>> came
>> from using ATG Dynamo and the concept of droplets I thought was a 
>> good form
>> factor for building web apps with good clean syntax.
> Its not - using a templating engine on top of PHP itself is inane,
> unless you have certain specialized cases.  Separating logic from
> content is always good - but don't get overzealous, you can right your
> backend logic *and* your frontend logic in PHP and still keep them
> separated.
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