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joshmccormack at joshmccormack at
Fri Feb 7 13:03:11 EST 2003

I used Cocoon from the Apache group a while ago. It already has a bunch of XSLs for various browsers. Pretty cool, but performance wasn't too good and you had to be on a server supporting servlets.


On Fri, 7 Feb 2003, Mark Armendariz wrote:

> I've seen tutorials and such on xml / xsl, and I've seen it live at
> which impressed me as that was implemented at least 6 months
> ago.  I just spent 4 days on a basic xml class (yes I know they're out
> there, but that's no good for learning ;) ) Have any of you had
> experience creating entire sites with xml / xsl.  I've been incredibly
> interested in the solution for a while, but I'm worried about how it
> works on browsers and general dev experience..
> Any stories, comments or recommendations about it?
> Mark

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