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Emmanuel. M. Decarie emm at
Fri Feb 7 21:00:15 EST 2003

À (At) 19:16 -0500 06/02/03, Jon Baer écrivait (wrote) :
><script language="php">
>// examine all GET, POST, SQL, fill arrays, etc //
>// rest of the page
>It should be a written rule/law somewhere to do all your PHP/JSP work @ the
>top of the page :-)

I rather put the code at the bottom of the page and was wondering if 
in PHP you could simulate an HTML::Mason <%init></%init> block.

In HTML::Mason, you can embed your code at the bottom of the page 
between <%init>code</%init> and when the page is called, the first 
thing that is going to be executed its this <%init> block.


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