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Fri Feb 7 22:15:47 EST 2003

I think the idea was to be able to output all current variables at any
time in the script.  Which hcan be very helpful in debugging.  A
print_r($_Post) can be helpful.

At least that's what I had gathered for the question.


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On Fri, Jan 31, 2003 at 12:37:31PM -0500, Jim Musil wrote:
> It seems like it would be helpful if there were a way to grab the name

> assigned to a variable and output it. Is there already a function like

> this?

While I understand what you want to do, I don't quite understand what 
you're getting at.

In order to find the name of the variable in question, you need to know
the name of the variable in the first place in order to ask the question
about it.

Kind of an existential situation, no? :)

For example, in order to perform the action of unsetting a variable via 
unset(), you need to know the name of the variable:  say unset($foo).
Similarly, if you wanted to do a function like whats_my_name(), you'd 
similarly have to put the name of the variable in there.  So, you
know the name.

What am I missing here?

Are you using varibable variables and trying to find the name of the 
initial variable?

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