[nycphp-talk] Output name of Variable

Jim Musil jim at
Mon Feb 10 14:42:13 EST 2003

Yes, but print_r() already prints out a lot of information. It prints out
the object type and whether it's an array and also all the key names and
object variable names.

What other use for print_r() is there other than to debug?

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On 2/10/03 2:14 PM, "Chris Shiflett" <shiflett at> wrote:

> --- Jim Musil <jim at> wrote:
>> Why doesn't print_r() just print the name of the
>> variable?
> For the same reason echo $foo only outputs the value of
> $foo. It would be a dangerous assumption to make that
> people only use print_r() for debugging and would not mind
> the extra output. Plus, as you say, it is trivial to output
> the name also, so there is no real advantage and only
> disadvantages to such a change.
> Chris
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