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D C Krook dkrook at
Mon Feb 10 15:30:56 EST 2003


I ran into a similar problem about a year ago involving a popup window and 
resizeTo().  It seems to still be up and functioning cross browser 
(including Opera 7) if you want to try some new code: 
  [click the goofy little "Memory Master" icon to the right of the content]

Good luck,

>I know this is ot but it must be easy and I am feeling my way in the
>dark.  If this is inappropriate, just let me know, and I apologize.
>This code opens and resizes a popup image window perfectly in IE; in
>Mozilla it opens a window but doesn't resize it; in Opera it doesn't even
>open a window.  I expect I have to change a little detail somewhere, or
>maybe sniff the browser and write different code (aha, there's the php
>function bigUrl(fn){
>    url='images/photos/'+fn+'.jpg';
>    return url;
>    }
>function image_open(url){
>    HTML ="<html><head><title>Photo of
>    HTML+="<meta http-equiv=\\"imagetoolbar\\" content=\\"no\\" /></head>"
>    HTML+="<body><img src='"+ url +"' border=0 name=load_image "
>    popupImage ='','_blank','toolbar=no,scrollbars=no');
>    popupImage.document.write(HTML);
>    popupImage.document.close();
>    }
>    <a href="javascript:image_open(bigUrl(7947))"
>onMouseOver="onit('i7947t')" onMouseOut="offit('i7947t')">
>    <img name="i7947t" border="0" width="90" height="92"
>      alt="[View photo of Laura.]" title="View photo of Laura." /></a>
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