[nycphp-talk] Dynamic Flash Calendar

Peter Balogh palexanderbalogh at
Tue Feb 11 10:51:26 EST 2003

Don't know how helpful this is, but Flash MX has extensions called UI
Components available on its website (under Support -> Developer &
Designer, I believe).  In UI Component set #2 there's a calendar
widget.  With minimal PHP scripting, you can pass date information into
the Flash movie--but you shouldn't even have to, since the Flash plugin
can determine the time on the local user's machine and display it in
the calendar.

Flash movies can easily talk to PHP scripts via "LoadVariables"
commands or the new MX-only "LoadVars" object.  (Your PHP script will
have to do the MySQL work, alas.)  There are many books that can point
you to the write code, including "Advanced PHP for Flash" by Friends of


Peter Balogh

--- "Donald J. Organ IV" <dorgan at> wrote:
> Does anyone know of any good free flash calendar systems that have
> support for mySQL & php as well??
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